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KCOFFEE is a professional Company with real experience in the production. The firm`s primary objective is production and processing of coffee and coffee products for export.
We are proud of our expertise in production and processing of coffee locally grown and imported for export. We produce nearly two- thirds of the coffee from our own firms. We compensate the remaining one-third from the local farmers, co-operatives and also import from coffee producing countries i.e. Rwanda, Burundi among others.

Our business attracts a wide range of customers who come from different states i.e. the United States of America, Asia, European Countries like London and UK and around the globe.

About Our Coffee

• Our coffee can be used for commercial purposes only.
• It has a very good acidity, body and flavor
• The supply is firm throughout the year considering the production which is around 32,000 metric tons annually.

how we work?

• The coffee is normally harvested between April and December each year. It’s grown by both co-operatives and estate farmers


• The coffee is normally grown in Machakos county and on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and Aberdares ranges. Other areas include; Bungoma, Nakuru and Kisii counties.
• It’s grown on loam soil rich with organic matter and reliable rainfall of above 1500mm annually with an altitude of above 2,200 meters above sea level”

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Enjoy Healthy Produce.
Get the best quality healthy coffee with us
We Have Reputation.
We have been farming coffee since 1998.
Fresh & Pesticide Free.
We deliver organic pesticide-free and sustainably-grown produce.
No Commitment Required.
We requires no commitment and allows you to cancel or suspend deliveries.
Choose the delivery frequency that best fits your needs.
Customize your standard delivery to exclude items you do not want.
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John Nzau Kawinzi - CEO
John Nzau Kawinzi - CEO

From the the CEO`s desk,
"I was brought up in a coffee growing area in Ukambani, Machakos County, Kenya participating in all aspects in coffee farming; planting, picking, pulping etc.
Coffee was introduced in Ukambani, Machakos County in the early 1900`s but after the 2nd world war, individual small farmers were able to start their own farms. We grow the Arabica type of coffee which is believed to be the best around the globe. The climatic condition of the Machakos County, (cool and warm) is a factor which gives our coffee the best flavor. Approximately 97% of the coffee grown in Kenya is for export.
This has given us a conducive long term growth as subsistence farmers.
In the late 40`s, my grandfather planted coffee in our area.
Being a cash crop and source of income in Ukambani-Machakos County, it financed my education hence I saw the need to give back to the community. "
Email: johnkawinzi@gmail.com

Paul Kioko Kawinzi - Director
Paul Kioko Kawinzi - Director

Word from the Director - "We are glad that God has given us this chance to represent our farmers in the outside world, the coffee market. As a director, i look forward to uplift the standards of our esteemed farmers"
Email: i.k.kawinzi@gmail.com
Phone: +1615-584-7310

Jane Koki Nzau
Jane Koki Nzau

Word from the Director - It feels wonderful being a director of Kcoffeeglobal and i look forward to maintain the mission and vision of our company.
Email: mrskawinzi@yahoo.com
Phone: +1615-430-4919

Michael Mutuku Matheka - Manager
Michael Mutuku Matheka - Manager

• Bachelor degree In Commerce (Finance) – Kenyatta University.
• Tel no. +254718045864
• Email: mikematheka10@gmail.com

Anthony Prince Apoole - Marketing Manager
Anthony Prince Apoole - Marketing Manager

Phone: +1818-818-9809
Email: Infotheprince@gmail.com

Raphael Munai - Human Resource Panel
Raphael Munai - Human Resource Panel

Professional Qualifications:
Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Human Resource) – Kenyatta University.
Postal Address: P. O. BOX 704-90131, Tala.
Email: raphael.munai@yahoo.com
Phone: +254713072344

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